Monday, February 28, 2011

Leadville Trail 100. Its a mystery

Well, never received a acceptance email tonight. Im guessing that means I didnt make it. Wish they would still let me know though so I can sleep tonight....
Guess Ill be entering into the Breck again!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The SBC went on a diet today.

Well, time to swap out that tank of a chromoly spindle and install a Ti profile spindle. Along with a new 32t Standard chainwheel, I dropped 175 grams. Nuts right? Oh yeah. Swapped the black cranks out for some raw ones to match the frame!

Current state. Ready to rock again. Still playing with stem length and rise. Lets see how it goes this week.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Back from Rays!

Well the Rays trip was awesome. Cool dudes, cool bikes and a cool place to ride. Departed from ames at 5am with five of my buds packed into my van with 8 bikes and made the 6 hour drive to Milwaukee. Once we got there, the first hour of riding was pretty sketchy. Trying to learn the park plus I havent been on a bike in awhile. I was in awe most of the day, the park is incredible.

Started off the day with the 29R. It rode great on the XC loop and handle the log sections and drops great. Moved to the "expert" section box jumps and learned that this bike will be staying on the singletrack. It felt great in the air, but this frame was designed for endurance races, not box jumps. Thats what what custom 24" SBC 250-S is for! Spent all day riding both bikes and had a blast. Towards the end of the day, we stayed in the foam pit for awhile. A couple of my buds borrowed my 24" to jump into the foam pit... For guys that have not been around BMX really, one of them pulled a sick 180 in the pit! I pulled lots of clean x-up 360's, Got the flip pretty close in the 24 and pulled some big 3's on the 29R, even tried a couple flips!
Everybody had a great time and we are making the trip back after spring break. This time we will remember that you cant buy booze after 9pm in Wisconsin....
Now for the photos.

The next big ride for the SBC will be Moab, Ut in a little over two weeks. It will see some gnarly stuff out there. Look out for some pictures and videos!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time for the test ride

Well here she is. I built it up at Standard last night, and everything went together pretty smooth. For a prototype frame, I couldn't believe how good everything turned out. Total frame weight is 4 lbs 14ozs. and will be powder coated white after a thrashing test ride at rays mtb park. I think the only thing that will be changed is a couple more hose guides!
Rick, (the owner and founder of Standard) was so stoked on this bike he is really wanting to do more. The word "custom production line" even came up a couple times. This is 29er #1 for Standard, and there are already a couple more in queue for SBC. "Standard Byke has produced around 68,000 bmx frames, including the production at Waterford...This is the first frame that I have been really excited about in awhile, and I don't even ride mountain bikes." -Rick Moliterno

And now for pictures. (Mock up build...Some fancy new stuff on its way)

 New Profile cranks+Ti spindle+outboard bearings will be installed soon
 ADAM 29R 1

 OX platinum Spacer!!!!
Contact Jessie at Standard Byke Company if you want your own . They are full custom and affordable. They will do anything you want!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Homebrew anyone?

Well about halfway through my first batch of IPA, turned out great.
How else would I open one?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

29R update

Update on the 29R!(R is for race)
Chainstays tacked into place to check dropouts. Final version of the dropouts will be back from waterjet tomorrow at 8AM! Powdered is getting ordered, seatstays will probably happen tomorrow or Monday, Drive to Davenport Thursday or Friday when its done, build it at Goodtimes or Standard to check everything, get a complete picture, then its off to Rays mountain bike park for a beating testing! Good Stuff! SBC for life!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kit installed, groceries purchased

Well here is its current state, got the kit all installed about two weeks ago, everything things is working great so far! Picked up three new small batch fermenters and about $80 of groceries at hyvee today. The commute was only about 6 miles, but it was fun.

The xtra is now also running high-performace Alivio 1x7 shifting. Perfect amount of gears and the shifting is dialed.

My new 29er is also coming along nicely. Standard Byke Company out of Davenport, Ia is doing a great job. I had say in every detail of this bike and I drew it up myself so I could get some practice with designing my own frames. After this frame is done, Rick is going to start up on a road frame for me also. Full Standard race-bike line-up this year? Yep
Standard's #1 29er mountain bike frame
OX platinum tubing throughout
Laser cut dropouts and bridges

Rear Dropout

 Checking angle on TT/ST

 Drilling water bottle bottle mounts

 Triangle in jig

 Cutting tube for the pass-through gusset

 Hutch Trickstar inspired pass-through gusset


Check out Standards website-
Call them at - 563.323.4894 - for a custom frame quote. They will do almost anything!
You can also find them on Facebook.....standard byke company