Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I should be studying for finals

Tonight I mocked up one side of the v-racks. Came out pretty good, epoxy is setting and now I just wait until I can do some carbon wrap! Measuring off of bamboo to make a precise measurement sucks. Its not straight. Oh well!
 More to come tomorrow!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Most recent project

Well, my winter project for this year is going to be an xtracycle. Brainstorming for ideas, I decided to just build my own to overcome the price tag of a complete free-radical kit. I looked around I realized I had enough supplies to build a bamboo long-tail onto an existing frame. Fast forward a week, my long-tail conversion is done! Tested it out on a 17 miles snow ride and everything performed great! Now its time to finish making the mounts for the V-racks and it will be all set!
Frame- Cannondale M400 26"
Fork- Surly 1x1
Front wheel- Sun BFR laced to shimano disc
Rear wheel- Halo Combat laced to surly ss disc
Brakes- Avid bb7
Thomson Seatpost
Bontrager bars
Truvative Stem
WTB something or other tires