Friday, February 25, 2011

Back from Rays!

Well the Rays trip was awesome. Cool dudes, cool bikes and a cool place to ride. Departed from ames at 5am with five of my buds packed into my van with 8 bikes and made the 6 hour drive to Milwaukee. Once we got there, the first hour of riding was pretty sketchy. Trying to learn the park plus I havent been on a bike in awhile. I was in awe most of the day, the park is incredible.

Started off the day with the 29R. It rode great on the XC loop and handle the log sections and drops great. Moved to the "expert" section box jumps and learned that this bike will be staying on the singletrack. It felt great in the air, but this frame was designed for endurance races, not box jumps. Thats what what custom 24" SBC 250-S is for! Spent all day riding both bikes and had a blast. Towards the end of the day, we stayed in the foam pit for awhile. A couple of my buds borrowed my 24" to jump into the foam pit... For guys that have not been around BMX really, one of them pulled a sick 180 in the pit! I pulled lots of clean x-up 360's, Got the flip pretty close in the 24 and pulled some big 3's on the 29R, even tried a couple flips!
Everybody had a great time and we are making the trip back after spring break. This time we will remember that you cant buy booze after 9pm in Wisconsin....
Now for the photos.

The next big ride for the SBC will be Moab, Ut in a little over two weeks. It will see some gnarly stuff out there. Look out for some pictures and videos!

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