Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time for the test ride

Well here she is. I built it up at Standard last night, and everything went together pretty smooth. For a prototype frame, I couldn't believe how good everything turned out. Total frame weight is 4 lbs 14ozs. and will be powder coated white after a thrashing test ride at rays mtb park. I think the only thing that will be changed is a couple more hose guides!
Rick, (the owner and founder of Standard) was so stoked on this bike he is really wanting to do more. The word "custom production line" even came up a couple times. This is 29er #1 for Standard, and there are already a couple more in queue for SBC. "Standard Byke has produced around 68,000 bmx frames, including the production at Waterford...This is the first frame that I have been really excited about in awhile, and I don't even ride mountain bikes." -Rick Moliterno

And now for pictures. (Mock up build...Some fancy new stuff on its way)

 New Profile cranks+Ti spindle+outboard bearings will be installed soon
 ADAM 29R 1

 OX platinum Spacer!!!!
Contact Jessie at Standard Byke Company if you want your own . They are full custom and affordable. They will do anything you want!


  1. Sweet frame! I'm wondering how the chainstays and seatstays are closed off at the dropouts. I don't see any weld bead or brass shoreline. I would love to figure this out. thanks!

  2. They are cut, then a cap is welded in, then the welds are ground smooth. Clean look!

  3. Nice! Is there Anyway you guys could make a 26 inch wheel frame?? No company makes a cool mtb frame help me out?

  4. James, Standard will build anything! They have knocked out a couple sick 26ers that are in the 3 lb range for a race xc frame! They will do dirt jumpers also.