Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updates on projects...

Well some new projects have come into play. Seems like I always have something going on!
First off, im getting my buddy Seth into cross racing, and he needed a new bike. We picked up a Bianchi hybrid real cheap (You dont need a ~$500+ cross frame to be fast) , we stripped it, and it will soon be getting some nice fancy new parts (Dura-ace build cross bike!!!!)
 This is my cross bike, always changing... But always the best. Dura-Ace build rolling on Ksyrium Elite wheels Sram Carbon cranks with ring guard and WTB dirt drop bars.  All connected to a Trek Multi-Track 720 hybrid! Haha frameset weighs 9.5 lbs!!! Overall build comes to 25 lbs with that tank of a frame. I love this bike, but will be upgrading the frame this season. This bike was on the podium of the Iowa State CX championship, The Kansas State CX Championship, Jingle Cross Rock, and many other CAT 3, and 4 races. And that was only my first season of racing!
 Might as well throw a picture of my xtracycle in here, always a project. Sporting a 29er front wheel for now. Brings the front end up a little bit and rakes out the front end for a little more relaxed steering with heavy loads. I like it.
 Its not what it is, but whats its about to be. Bamboo bike #3. For me! Bamboo cross frame with a new chainstay yoke design to accommodate big meats. This will most likely be a summer project that will end up getting done in a couple weeks. Whoops.
 My new keg set-up!!!! I have been homebrewing for the past couple months now. Ive got about 20 gallons under my belt, and im ready to start kegging. This is just a 3 gallon keg, but Ill soon have a 5 gallon keg also when I get a bigger fridge to make into a kegerator.

 This will be my kegerator set-up for now with the small keg. The finest fridge 1982 could offer, still running strong. Was my dads, then it was given to my brothers for college, then it was past down to me. Its just got too much character to get rid of it!

Well there ya have it. I have a lot to work on!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Moab ride report

Wow. What a blast. Good weather, good people, great bikes (especially the SBC) and I even got to hang out and ride my brother.

Started out the week realizing one of my trip participants had never ridden a bike before. Luckily I brought the tandem and we rode the whole slickrock "Hard" loop. People were blown away from the sight of a tandem on slickrock. Cleared some of the steepest uphill climbs that people on solo bikes couldnt even do. (We were actually lifting the front wheel off the ground on some climbs. If you have ever ridden a tandem, you would know how hard that is to do) Here's the GPS data from slickrock that day... Note the Max MPH and disregard the time. We had to stop a lot. (Lots of new un-experienced riders)
<a href="http://www.sportstracklive.com/track/map#aprosise/Cycling/moab/tandem/136731/full">Track map</a>
The next two days we rode the MOAB brand trails. They were a lot of fun and had easier trails for the newbies so they could figure out their bikes. Bar B and Killer B had lots of techy rock sections that were a lot of fun (But killed my hands and arms) This will be the last time I ride rigid in Moab.
<a href="http://www.sportstracklive.com/track/map#aprosise/Cycling/moab/tandem/136729/full">Track map</a>
 The next day we planned for porcupine rim. We went and chatted with the guys at Chile Pepper bike shop. (Our go-to place) and they said that LPS was in good condition also. Deal. LPS to porcupine was our plan. A couple guys on my trip wanted to rent 6-inch bikes, so they signed up for three Giant Reign's. Well crap, I might as well rent one too! So we had 4 Giant's reserved and ready to shred. We made sure to get insurance on them too. I couldn't believe the shit that could be ran over. Im sold. But wont be buying a giant. Ive got my eyes on a Transition or a Trek remedy 7....Now I just need to move somewhere I can use it. Here's a good little video on the seatpost of my bike.  Go over my bars once and bottom out the suspension a couple times. The camera falls down halfway through but makes for an interesting camera angle. Check out 3:23 for some nice footage of bottoming out.

<a href="http://www.sportstracklive.com/track/map#aprosise/Cycling/moab/tandem/134038/full">Track map</a>
Damage report on the rentals (total across 4 bikes):  3 destroyed big chainrings, Top Tube on kales had some serious "Rock" damage, Two ripped seats, two bent derailleur hangers (one wrapped on the cassette), Chain suck into the spokes, I scratched my bars, shifters and brake levers.
Here's the security deposit that vince had to put on his credit card. $11,200.
That day was lots of fun, hit some pretty big drops. A couple were around 5 feet. Landed a couple hard enough to blow my feet out of my spds.

The last day we rode "Pipe Dream"..... Wow. My favorite trail besides LPS and porcupine on big bikes. Very flowy singletrack with techy rock sections. The go-to single speed trail in Moab. Very new, local rider built and 2 min from downtown. I think it was about a 8-9 miles out and back. So good.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, My new Standard rode great and i cant wait to get back out there to do some more. Hopefully I will be able to get out to do the Whole enchilada (35 miles of downhill starting at 11,000 feet, descending all the way to 4,000 feet)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New paint scheme for the 29er fork. Raw

Stripped the maroon fork yesterday... That paint was thin! Came off in 15 min with a thin coat of aircraft remover. Looks way better raw!

Moab = Next week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old guys who ride. 46 years old and still shredding

Here is a great interview of the one and only. Rick Moliterno....
Pretty good read if you don't really know the history behind Standard and Rick himself.