Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updates on projects...

Well some new projects have come into play. Seems like I always have something going on!
First off, im getting my buddy Seth into cross racing, and he needed a new bike. We picked up a Bianchi hybrid real cheap (You dont need a ~$500+ cross frame to be fast) , we stripped it, and it will soon be getting some nice fancy new parts (Dura-ace build cross bike!!!!)
 This is my cross bike, always changing... But always the best. Dura-Ace build rolling on Ksyrium Elite wheels Sram Carbon cranks with ring guard and WTB dirt drop bars.  All connected to a Trek Multi-Track 720 hybrid! Haha frameset weighs 9.5 lbs!!! Overall build comes to 25 lbs with that tank of a frame. I love this bike, but will be upgrading the frame this season. This bike was on the podium of the Iowa State CX championship, The Kansas State CX Championship, Jingle Cross Rock, and many other CAT 3, and 4 races. And that was only my first season of racing!
 Might as well throw a picture of my xtracycle in here, always a project. Sporting a 29er front wheel for now. Brings the front end up a little bit and rakes out the front end for a little more relaxed steering with heavy loads. I like it.
 Its not what it is, but whats its about to be. Bamboo bike #3. For me! Bamboo cross frame with a new chainstay yoke design to accommodate big meats. This will most likely be a summer project that will end up getting done in a couple weeks. Whoops.
 My new keg set-up!!!! I have been homebrewing for the past couple months now. Ive got about 20 gallons under my belt, and im ready to start kegging. This is just a 3 gallon keg, but Ill soon have a 5 gallon keg also when I get a bigger fridge to make into a kegerator.

 This will be my kegerator set-up for now with the small keg. The finest fridge 1982 could offer, still running strong. Was my dads, then it was given to my brothers for college, then it was past down to me. Its just got too much character to get rid of it!

Well there ya have it. I have a lot to work on!!!

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