Friday, January 25, 2013

Past couple of weeks

 My brothers new CB750k
 Forever Two Wheels!
 After a quick hose down. not bad for a 78 with 38,000 miles

 Tys motorcycle salvage is awesome.

 Front ends?

 Shopping carts full of shocks~
 Thrift store find. Protaper bars!
 Steve's new tail section

 Supertrapp muffler build. Custom
 New fork legs. Junkyard find. $15!
 Snow bike build
 rear "Hub" for the snow bike
 New discs for the cx500. Stock bottom left, 160mm mtb rotor top left, new rotors on the right. Dual 320's mm
 Liking the lines on this tank. Another salvage yard find. inside looks new.
 Welded up, still needs some clean up
 Fully welded on the inside. Header will go straight to supertrapp and is sealed off from the cone.
 Mock up
 Need this!
 New Firestone Deluxe Champions, unfortunately they will no longer work on my bike because of the small front wheel on the GSXR front end.
 Mock up. Front wheel is not getting used. Custom headlight mounts I whipped up quick

 Snowbike manuals!
 Steve's triple trees with the bar mounts mowed off
 You can never have too many speedholes. Especially on drum brakes.

 New electrical box for the 750
Ready to go! Front wheel is in the mail.

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  1. Your bike looks Awesome. I want to build exactly something like that. Im still saving up though. Im thinking a virago 200 or 250cc would suffice for my needs. :) something from the 1990s too and not something that is new.