Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eventful weekend

Took the motor-bike to the show this weekend. Lots of looks and even some offers, so thats cool. Had it at 42 mph and it was still 4 stroking. Need to find a better carb that I can actually get jets for. Its gettin there.
 Took the Klunker to sycamore today to get in some snowy single track miles. Rode close to ten miles im guessing. Got tired of waiting around on a custom seat post, so I took some 1/2" black pipe and filed the O.D. down until it fit. Only needed to remove about 1.5mm so it worked out pretty well. Yay for long as hell seat posts that wont bend! The new suspension fork is working out pretty well. Looks rad on there, and its completely seized so I dont have to worry about the awful performance for a ~20 year old Rock Shox Quadra fork.

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