Monday, October 17, 2011

Bits and pieces

Oh hello there folks,

Cross season is well off, bike projects are coming and going, brewing has started up again and winter is coming way too fast.

I started working at a new bike shop, Ichi Bike in Des Moines.  We do all kinds of cool stuff, but mainly specialize in custom vintage bikes. Its a very cool scene, and its not another one of those big $$$ franchise bike shops. Very laid back setting, we work on all types of bikes, and no BS. Here's a couple bikes that we have built:
 A cool refurb for a lady. Modern Sturmey Archer 2spd. kickback hub with modern rims, Schwalbe Fat Franks, Brooks lady springer saddle. One classy cruiser.
 I built this one the other day. Kinda a free range build. We had this front end set up laying around... but it was way haggard. No steerer tube, the top plate and bottom plate on the trees were welded in place etc... So I cut the top plate off, welded a 1" steerer tube on and threaded the fork legs like a motorcycle fork. Add a tank, sissy bar, period correct pleated seat, modern wheels and boom bang done. A super ridiculous "easyrider" style  cruiser. Its name is "Curt"
This is my build. Schwinn American XL frame. Sting-ray Apes, Halo Combat DH rim laced to a Heavy Duty Bendix tandem hub. Sung Ringle BFR front rim, SBC sprocket and Tioga Freestyle tires. Oh boy.

Cross Season is going great. Just made the big jump to Cat 2 and what a jump. Here's a couple and results throughout the season so far.

Cattle CrossSenior M123 10/8/2011 2 338.46
Cattle CrossSenior M3 10/8/2011 1 367.96
Altoona CyclocrossSenior 0-99 Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10/2/2011 19 490.86
Altoona CyclocrossSenior 0-99 Cat 3/4 10/2/2011 3 374.55
Dirty Wooden ShoeSenior Cat 3 10/1/2011 1 390.87
Capitol City CrossCat 3 Men 9/25/2011 2 398.87
Capitol City CrossCat 3 Men 9/24/2011 8 431.88
Cory's Irish CrossCat 1/2/3 9/17/2011 21 484.9

A couple wins so far, and several podiums. Its going great so far!
Current ride-

Taking the lead!!!

My Puch Maxi is really screaming now. 70cc reed kit, VM20 carb, custom intake, Aftermarket pipe, clutch springs, soft compound tires...51mph! The motorcycle club here at ISU was holding a parking lot time trial so me and another buddy brought our peds and raced. Made some people mad that day. I believe I finished with the 2nd or 3rd fastest time of the day. There were cbr600's, alcohol burning quads, camel joes racing sport bikes etc. It was pretty fun, once I actually had gas in my tank. Note... make sure you have a full tank before trying to race.

Confidence really improves once you put on a leather jacket with armor!

More to come!

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