Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top tube repairs on a S-Works....

Last week Maria was out on a ride, while clipping in, bam....slipped out of her pedal and her lady parts landed right on top of the already fragile top tube of her Specialized Ruby. Cracked.
Ive been working with carbon fiber recently, and it looked like a super simple and quick repair. The tube wasn't seperated, but there was a healthy crack right across the tube.

I sanded it done for further inspection and then wrapped some 12k tow in a 45 degree lay-up base layer,  extending a couple inches on either side of the crack.
 Ready to wrap

 I laid the top layer of carbon in a tighter pattern to fill voids.
 Bam! Two days later! Done! Too bad the carbon doesnt match the rest of the frame, but hey, at least its ridable again!
Have a broken frame that is out of warranty? Ill do carbon repairs for dirt cheap (Think about a tenth of the price that Calfee charges) I fully stand behind all my work, but I cant guarantee anything and you are fully responsible for yourself. I can sure save your frame from heading to the dumpster if you don't want to shell out the cash for Calfee.
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